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Welcome to Robonauts India

Robonauts started in 2016 to make a difference in technology learning. Our main motive is to promote the Robotics Education among Indian youth by organizing workshops, Training and Competitions at National level. We saw the enthusiasm. among the students of doing something creative so we used to provide them a National level Platform to perform and to show their creativity. Our custom designed hands-on training programs targeted for students and corporate is making an impact in the industry today. Our innovative self learning kits are designed to make new technology learning easier and joyful. All of these come from a team of highly motivated individuals with great experience in various technologies.

“An Absolute new concept for children. I got to know a lot how hands on learning can help students performing amazingly well in Science, Math & Technology. I will surely implement this program for my students from a very early age. Thank you for the concepts & clarity.”

Vinodita Sankhyan – Principal, Vivekanand Public School

Our Services

We are committed to offer cost-effective and complete Robotics Solution to a wide range of Education industries. It undertakes complete turnkey project execution and thereafter is dedicated to support for maintenance and training. We have a good team of qualified and experienced engineers. We hold the potential to ensure quality deliverable in all its areas of operation as follows:

Robotics/Coding/3D Printing classed for school students

Robotics/Coding/3D Printing encourages kids to think creatively, to build and design solutions to real-world problems. And it also helps students to come up with new innovative ideas and solutions when problems arise. Additionally, robotics can encourage kids to think outside the box and come up with original ideas.


Robotics/STEM/Atal Tinkering Lab Setup for School

Robotics/STEM/Atal Tinkering Lab setup provides students with different learning experience than traditional classroom instruction. Robotics/STEM/Atal Tinkering Lab aim to provide a secure workspace for youngsters across the country where they can learn technological skills and create various machines and devices of their own ideas using a flexible and adaptive environment. 

Industrial, Internship & Job Oriented Training program.

It gives students the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom to the practical application of knowledge required to perform a task. The training will also teach students how the environment is going to be when they go to work. Also, Robonauts India provides 100% placement support after the completion of the course.


Education & Industrial Project Consultancy

Final year projects help you to explore and strengthen the understanding of fundamentals through the practical application of theoretical concepts Free Consultancy.

Industrial, Research & Development Project Consultancy

If you have some product idea in mind or you are thinking of applying technology in a unique and interesting way, our consultants can help you complete 

Professional Printed Circuit Board Design

Printed circuit board (PCB) design services is one of the ways that we help our customers get to market faster as our engineering team has significant real world experience.


 Our custom-designed hands-on training programmes targeted at students and corporations are making an impact in the industry today. Our innovative self-learning kits are designed to make learning new technologies easier and more joyful.  

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