DIY Learning Kit of Drone

This is a DIY (do it yourself) robonauts india  quadcopter combo pack Robonauts brings a great combination of quad frame, bldc motors, escs and propellers. Quad copter 450mm diameter frame is a dji type sturdy yet light weight frame which is capable of surviving repeated crashes. Each 1000 kv bldc motor with its 10 x 4.5 inch pusher and puller propeller matched pair is capable of providing maximum thrust of 900 gm per motor. This quad rotor gives maximum thrust of 3.6kgs while it weights around 1.1 kg. High quality brushless esc included in the packageupto 30amp load current for motor drive. This esc is factory programmed and ready to use. Warning: flying quad copter platforms requires considerable amount of practice and skill. If not handled correctly, it can cause severe injury. Please read
the flight controller manual carefully before starting. Please make sure that you remove the props before doing any calibration and/or configuration changes. Kit content: 1 x glass fiber quad copter frame with integrated pcb version 4 x brushless dc out runner motor 1000 kv 4 x bldc esc 30 a 2 x 10 x 4.5 inch pusher and puller propeller matched pair required : 1 x kk multi copter control board v 5.5 1 x 2.4ghz 4-channel transmitter & receiver 1x low voltage battery alarm indicator 1 x 2200 mah 3s 11.1v li po battery 1 x lipo balance